• Simplificando o direito na
    atuação empresarial, pautado
    pela transparência, sinceridade,
    confiança e ética.
  • Simplifying the Law in the
    Business Area, ruled
  • Simplifying the Law in the
    Business Area, ruled

Who are we

Making the Law simpler in the professional performance is in our essence, focused on getting effective and lasting results for our national and international clients.

We transparency, sincerity, confidence and ethics, we value the delivery of a personalized service, rendered by a staff known by its experience and high technical competence.

We represent companies of different profiles, from the most varied economic segments, in the defense of their rights.

We render full consulting and advising services to businessmen interested to invest in Brazil and abroad, organizing feasibility studies and identifying legal instruments for tax economy saving.

As colleagues at the Law School, we set up our staff based on mutual admiration and respect, in the oneness of aspirations and values.


We are a law office known by its legal technical competence, associated to effective lesting results and traditional experience before Brazilian and foreign clients.


Etchics; Honesty; Proactivity; Respect for the client; Professionalism; Loyalty; Technical Competence.


In the Corporate area, the Andrade e Lai Sociedade de Advogados  law office renders advising services to its clients in all acts inherent to the corporation's activity, in all its stages, such as:

  • Organization and dissolution of business partnerships;
  • Adaptation and preparation of articles of incorporation;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A);
  • Corporate consulting services;
  • Transformations;
  • Opening and closing of capital;
  • Succession planning;
  • Asset protection;
  • Corporate name protection.

In the administrative scope, it is at the clients' side in demands before official agencies such as boards of trade and notarial register offices.

In the Commercial and Business areas, the Andrade e Lai Sociedade de Advogados  law office operates from the initial assistance to the client concerning the choice of the best business model, on the legal point of view, going thru the preparation of business contracts and up to the demands at the preventive and consulting spheres.

In the litigation scope, highlight on the actions for judicial reorganization of companies, bankruptcies, termination of trade contracts, collections, and enforcement proceedings against credit instruments, among others.

The Andrade e Lai Sociedade de Advogados law office operates in the Tax area both in the consulting and judicial and administrative litigation scope as well, in the Federal, State and Municipal spheres.

With the purpose to offer the best guidance as to the fulfillment of tax obligations, the staff invests in a high capacitation and updating of tax planning and tax enforcement proceedings to offer the clients measures for tax saving, achievement and credit recovery.

The professional staff of the Customs area provides guidance for the fulfillment of the Customs Regulations, for the compliance with administrative procedures and for the knowledge of tax exemptions and reductions on the import and export. Further, they give advice on the relationship and management of special customs systems, such as the Drawback.

In the Civil area, the Andrade e Lai Sociedade de Advogados law office renders consulting and advising services in the preparation of contracts and agreements in all fields. It also operates in the litigation area, in actions for damages and for review, among others.

In the Real Estate Law segment, it covers contracts for purchase and sale, donation, rental and lease. In the litigation area, it acts mainly in repossession suits, actions for boundary lines, actions for expropriation and actions for adverse possession.

In the Family and Inheritance Law, highlight on separation or divorce actions and assets inventory proceedings, both judicial and extrajudicial, besides actions for alimony.

In the search for getting the best results for its clients, the Andrade e Lai Sociedade de Advogados  law office counts on a paralegal staff. These professionals are qualified to act in research and fact finding; marks and patents registration; guidance on regulation before agencies such as the INMETRO and regulating agencies.

Pior Residence Visa for alien administrator, manager. director and investor (permanent), and work visa for alien (temporary).

In the labor area, the Andrade e Lai Sociedade de Advogados law office renders preventive and strategic consulting services. It prepares documents on labor matters, legal opinions, collective agreements, internal regulations, incentive plans ( profit sharing). It renders consulting services to the Human Resources department in the hiring of aien workers, in the assessment of labor liabilities. In the litigation area, it acts in the preparation of administrative and judicial defense, in individual and collective labor agreements.

Facing a globalizes word, the Andrade e Lai Sociedade de Advogados law office's staff is prepared to meet its clients' needs for registration of investments, reinvestments, remittances of profits and dividends, receiving of royalties and repatriation of capital.

The office is qualified to advise national companies to accomplish investments abroad by means of acquisitions, subsidiaries, holdings or joint ventures.

The Andrade e Lai Sociedade de Advogados law office is well aware that, sometimes, the conflicts, difficulties to close a contract or inserting of a certain clause into an agreement accur due to failures in the negotiation process, which has its own method. That's why its partners looked for an improvement on this respect and, based on the Harvard method and its own experiences, render easier simple and complex negotiations, either at the initial stage of the business, during the business, after the completion thereof or even after the institution of a judicial proceeding.


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